DeWalt Flexvolt 60V Max Cordless Worm Drive Style Saw Review DCS577

The DeWalt DCS577 is my pick for Best for Pros of cordless circular saws. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at its features and see how well the most powerful cordless saw on the market performs compared to other cordless saws, as well as my favorite corded model, the Skilsaw Mag 77.

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What’s in the Box?

If you purchase the DCS577X1 as a starter kit, it comes with the DCS577 saw, a 7 1/4” 24 tooth carbide-tipped blade, 1.) 60-volt 9 ah battery, the DCB230C charger and contractor bag. If you already have other Dewalt cordless tools that are part of their Flexvolt 60-volt Max platform, the DCS577B is available without the battery, charger or bag. In DeWalt’s numbering system, if the tool model number is followed by a “B”, it means bare tool (without accessories).


How Much Power Does It Have?

The DCS577’s brushless motor puts out a whopping 2,400 watts, making it the most powerful cordless circular saw on the market. That is roughly 5 times more powerful than DeWalt’s DCS391, and even slightly more than a typical corded worm drive saw (2,200 watts). Its blade speed of 5,800 RPM is also faster than corded models that are in the 5,300 RPM range. Even though there are no published specs on torque, I can tell you after using the DCS577 for a few months that a corded worm drive saw like my favorite Skilsaw Mag 77 definitely has much more torque than the DeWalt. It shows up when powering through knots or excessively warped or stressed lumber. I suspect this is due to the fact that the DCS577 isn’t actually a worm drive saw.

DeWalt’s marketing team easily wins the prize for the most creative uses of clever (some might say deceptive) marketing strategies. Similar to their labeling of batteries by the 20-volt or 60-volt MAX rating instead of the nominal 18 or 54, they’ve labeled this saw as “worm drive style”. The uneducated might miss the “style” part and think that DeWalt has produced a cordless worm drive saw. To be fair, it is set up like a worm drive with the handle in the rear, blade on the left and it does feel like one during use. And it is a beast of a saw.      


Bevel Capacity

The DCS577 can make cuts anywhere between 0-53°. The degrees are marked clearly and adjusting the angle is exactly like on a Skilsaw. Unlock and lock the shoe with a turn of the lever. It has stops at 45° and 22.5°. The 7 1/4” blade can make a beveled cut through 1 7/8” stock with the bevel set at 45°.


Depth of Cut

Setting the depth of cut is done by unlocking the lever and sliding the base shoe up or down.


Changing Blades

When it’s time to change blades, you’ll appreciate the onboard hex wrench holder that keeps it attached to the tool. Nothing worse than trying to change the blade and having to search around for the wrench. You’ll have to knock the diamond out of the blade just like on a corded worm drive.    


Integrated Dust Blower

The dust blower does an excellent job of keeping the cutline visible by throwing sawdust behind the blade.


Rafter Hook

DeWalt has include a built in, flip out rafter hook that comes in handy when working on roofs or floors.  


Safety Features

The comfortable rubber over grip feels good in your hand and the on/off trigger requires one of the safety buttons to be pushed down in order to start the saw. This safety switch is a must have feature on any cordless saw. For those of us that like to throw the saw in the tool box without removing the battery, there are no worries about the saw inadvertently starting up on its own. It also has an electric brake that stops the blade quickly after releasing the trigger.


How Heavy is It?

The DCS577 weighs in at about 13.75 pounds with a 6.0 ah battery. A little heavier than a corded magnesium worm drive, and about the same as a steel base model. The magnesium base shoe reduces the weight, but the 60-volt batteries aren’t what you would call compact and light. 


How Big is It?

Roughly the same weight, it is a little wider than my Mag 77. Framers will appreciate that the base shoe is the same size, so the 1 ½” to the left and 3 ½” to the right of the blade are perfect for rough framing wall plates.  


Battery Indicator

DeWalt’s Flexvolt 60-volt batteries have the same nifty indicator lights to show you how much charge is left in the battery. When you press the button, all three green lights mean full charge. Two lights signal between 50 and 75%, and one light means less than 50%.


Flexvolt 60V Max Batteries

The DCS577 will only run on 60-volt batteries. DeWalt’s design team included an extra notch on the 60-volt batteries, so if you try to install a 20-volt battery in the tool, it won’t accept it. You can use any 60-volt battery in any 20-volt tool.


How does it Perform?

DeWalt designed another winner in the DCS577. It has enough power to compete with corded worm drives, but in a super portable package. Equipped with a couple of extra batteries, it might just replace your corded model for framing all day long, and it’s a great tool for any job where you need extreme portability or the convenience of not having to roll out a cord. The cutting accuracy is outstanding and the blade on the left side allows you to clearly see the cut line.  

If you’re a pro looking for a solid cordless circular saw that will stand up to daily use and abuse, or a serious DIY-er wanting a versatile pro grade tool, you can’t go wrong with the DCS577.

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DeWalt DCS577B
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