Kreg Accu-Cut Circular Saw Track

There are times when we need to break down sheet goods to make them more manageable to run through a table saw. Most of us find it hard to justify spending 500 to 1,000 dollars on a dedicated track saw to do the job, so the promise of a system that allows you to turn the circular saw you already have into an accurate track saw system is very appealing. In this review we’re going to take a look at the Kreg KMA2700 Accu-Cut Track and see if it lives up to its billing as a viable alternative to a track saw.

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What’s in the Box

The kit comes with (2) 26 ½” aluminum guide tracks, (2) track connectors, a starting block, a universal saw sled and the instruction manual. Set up is straightforward and not hard to figure out. You can use one of the guide tracks by itself if your material is less than 24” wide, or you can attach the two tracks together for a cutting capacity of 48”. 


Setting It Up

The track connectors are T-shaped steel bars that have four set screws with #1 Phillips heads. I’m surprised that Kreg didn’t go with Allen head hex screws here as I can see the tiny Phillips heads getting stripped out over time. The tracks do go together solidly with no movement between the pieces. The starting block slides into the end of the track and allows the guard on the saw to function normally during use.


The Starting Block

The starting block slides into the end of the track and allows the guard on the saw to function normally during use. It also serves as a stop that keeps the track from sliding forward as you make a cut.


The Track

The aluminum tracks are sturdy and perfectly straight. They have rubber strips on the bottom that keep the track in place while cutting, without the need for clamps. Kreg does offer an optional clamp kits if you’d want to clamp the track to the work piece, but I found the rubber strips to do an excellent job, even if there is some fine sawdust on the work piece. Each track has a sacrificial blue plastic strip at the outside edge that is meant to be trimmed slightly when you make the first cut. That way it’s simple to line up the strip over the cut line and run the saw along the track. The strip also aids in preventing chipping while making a cut.


The Saw Sled

If I was only allowed one word to describe the sled, I’d have to go with flimsy. Made of plastic, the only metal components are the clamps and screws that are used to hold the saw in place. The packaging claims that the Accu Cut sled “fits most saws”. If you know me or you’ve read any of my circular saw reviews, you’d know that my favorite circular saw is the Skilsaw SPT77WML-01 magnesium worm drive model. I can tell you that the sled will not work with a worm drive saw. A worm drive saw’s base is far too long for the sled and with so much of the weight of the saw at the rear, it just doesn’t work.


The Saw Sled

It is safe to say the Kreg Accu-Cut fits most sidewinder type circular saws and it will work with either blade left or blade right saws. The clamps do an adequate job of attaching the sled to the saw, but I would worry about the alinement getting off if you were to inadvertently bump the sled when setting it down if you’re not careful, not to mention that I have no idea what the over/under would be on how many times the sled would survive an accidental fall from a workbench to the ground. Maybe one?


How Well Does It Work?

The shortcomings of the sled aside, the system does work well. The track stays in place and the sled glides smoothly down the track. There is just a little play between the sled and the track – not enough to have a negative effect on the cut, but just enough to allow the sled to glide freely.


Final Thoughts

I suppose the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question is, does it work as well as a dedicated track saw system? Short answer: no, not even close. It is however much more convenient that clamping a level to use as a straightedge guide. If you are a weekend DIY-er that wants an inexpensive system to make a few accurate cuts in sheet goods using the saw you already have, it makes sense and it’s a good value for the money. It’s probably not for you if you are looking for professional grade system that will stand up to years of use.

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Kreg KMA2700 Circular Saw Track
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