Makita 18V X2 (36V) LXT Cordless 14” Chainsaw Review XCU07PT

The Makita XCU07PT is the latest in the long line of Makita’s successful cordless chainsaw models. Its specs are very similar to the previously released XCU03, with the addition of a more professional style bar attachment and tensioning system. In this review we’re going to take a look at the XCU07’s features and performance to see if it’s time to ditch the old gas powered chainsaw for good.  

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What’s in the Box?

If you purchase the XCU07PT as a starter kit, it comes with the XCU07 chainsaw, a 14” Oregon chain, 2.) 18-volt 5 ah batteries, the DC18RD dual charger and a multipurpose wrench. If you already have other Makita cordless tools that are part of their LXT 18-volt platform, the XCU07Z is available without the batteries or charger. In Makita’s numbering system, if the tool model number is followed by a “Z”, it means bare tool (without accessories).


The Bar and Cutting Capacity

The XCU07PT comes with a 14” bar and Oregon chain that allows for cutting up to 12” diameter limbs and trees.


Bar Attachment and Chain Tensioning

The professional style bar attachment is a big improvement over the older model (XCU03). Two bolts attach the bar while tensioning adjustments are easy to make with the slotted screw. The multipurpose wrench that is included is the only tool you’ll need.


Oil Reservoir

It’s easy to check the bar oil through the see through plastic reservoir and even easier to top it off through the large oil filling port. Speaking of bar and chain oil…


Bar and Chain Oil

Makita doesn’t supply any bar and chain oil with the chainsaw so you’ll have to purchase it separately. Any quality brand will do.



As the demands for more power in cordless tools has grown, Makita has taken a different approach than DeWalt. Dewalt’s line of 60-volt tools perform excellently, but you are required to purchase different batteries for different tools. Makita’s choice to use two 18-volt batteries allows you to use the same batteries in every tool in their ever expending LXT 18-volt platform. The dual charger will charge two batteries is short order.  


Battery Indicator

Makita’s 18-volt batteries have built in indicator lights, but they end up being not visible when installed in the saw. The dual indicator on the top of the chainsaw makes it easy to see how much power you have left. The battery run time is greatly affected by the size and density of the material you are cutting. I’d recommend getting a couple of extra batteries so you can always have fresh ones at the ready.


Safety Features

The on/ off button is located directly above the handle. It goes off really quickly and that might be an annoyance to some, but with a battery powered chainsaw that makes no noise when not running, it’s a great safety feature have to push the power button before using.


Safety Features

The safety switch on the top of the handle is probably the best design I’ve encountered on a saw. Much more comfortable than a switch that you have to engage with your thumb, this switch is engaged when you grip the handle.


Safety Features

The safety brake is right in front of the front handle just like on any chainsaw.


Bucking Spikes

The XCU07 comes with metal bucking spikes that work well when you need to dig in on a limb when using a bucking action.


How Much Power Does It Have?

The XCU07’s brushless motor direct drive system supplies the equivalent power of a 32cc gas chain saw. It has a variable chain speed of 0 to 3,940 FPM, putting it solidly in the middle of homeowner / landscaper models intended for trimming branches and felling small trees.    


How does it Perform?

Makita designed a winner in the XCU07. It has enough power to compete with small gas powered chainsaws, but in a super portable, hassle free package. Equipped with a couple of extra batteries, it might just replace your gas model for pruning and trimming branches, and even taking down small to medium sized trees.  

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