Steve Wright

As a construction industry veteran/ general contractor for over 30 years and someone who loves to do things the right way, I’ve learned many tricks and technics to get the job done. While I’m always learning new things, I’m often disappointed by the amount of misinformation floating around on the internet.

Plumb and Lined was created as a place for others like me to find solutions and learn new skills to help you work efficiently and tackle jobs both big and small. Whether you’re looking into building a custom home or just want to learn the easy way to replace a door, you’ll find it here, plus jobsite and tool tips that will make your work-life easier, safer, or maybe even just more fun.

I also love to make recommendations when I find products that I like and find really useful. Sometimes I make a commission from those recommendations, but I don’t recommend products I don’t believe in. I look for tools, accessories and anything else that helps make large or small projects turn out better!